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About Episode 2 - Dr. Mary Neal (Pt-2) & Professor Tricia Barker

Currently In-Production

Dr. Mary Neal tells the deeply unsettling story of the Advanced Knowledge she received from Jesus and the Angels while on her visit to a heavenly realm. Then we turn to Professor Tricia Barker, who died while undergoing a critical operation from a severe car accident. She observed Healing Angels working through the surgeons as they tried to save her life. Her consciousness then traveled to the waiting room, where she witnessed discussions and actions that were later confirmed when she regained consciousness (proof of Veridical Perception). During the long painful healing process, Tricia began to understand how God would help her to bring “light” to those seeking solace, inspiration, forgiveness, and a deeper relationship with God.

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About the NDE Files

Survey Professionals around the world say the top five most trusted professions in the world are Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Teachers and First Responders. Join us as we examine how these trusted individuals dealt with the single most traumatic event that changed their lives forever…their own deaths.  This is their story of Life Beyond Death from the NDE Files.

This new series about Near Death Experiences uses artist renditions and animations to dramatically demonstrate each NDE in ways never seen before in a television program.


Episode 1 - Dr. Mary Neal

Dr. Mary Neal was an Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon and an experienced whitewater kayaker when she drowned in 1999 on the Fuy River in Chile.

Episode 2 - Professor Tricia Barker

Professor Tricia Barker died while undergoing a critical operation from a severe car accident. She observed Healing Angels working through the surgeons as they tried to save her life.

Currently In-Production

Episode 3 - Eben Alexander III, MD

Eben Alexander III, MD served as an Academic Neurosurgeon for over 25 years, including 15 years at Boston Brigham and...

Episode 4 - Professor/Pastor Howard Storm

Professor Howard Storm was an Atheist, Artist, Professor and Chairman of the Art Department for Northern Kentucky University, when in 1985 he died at a hospital in Paris France.

Todd Hewey - Producer of the Life Beyond Death Series

Hi Folks!

My name is Todd Hewey. I’m the Creator and Producer of the television series Life Beyond Death from the NDE Files. Thank you for showing interest in this dynamic, emotionally charged, animated anthology about highly educated and scientifically minded individuals who have had extraordinary Near Death Experiences that dramatically changed their lives forever.

I also hope that you can help us directly, by donating what you can to complete the last episode for this ongoing anthology of life-changing Near Death Experience stories.

Enjoy the teaser trailers for Epsiode-1, Epsiode-3 and Episode-4. You can also watch the more-detailed 16-minute “Torch” video that comprises sections from all three completed episodes.

We need to raise $135,000 to finish Episode-2. Then we can license the series to networks interested in this subject, which will open even more opportunities to fund additional Near Death Experience stories.

If any of you have interest in exploring “for-profit funding options” to help us complete this series, please contact me, Todd Hewey, at You can also reach me through the Inspiration Switchboard 803-578-1000.

Thank you for your interest and financial support for this important life-changing project.